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Vacation Visits

Mid-day Walks

Potty Breaks

We are Licensed, Bonded, & Insured Professional Pet Sitters

Menu of Services

Mid-day Walks

~20 minute walk in your neighborhood

​Occasional Walk,  $20 per walk

Weekly Walk,  $17 per walk

A Better Pet Sitter, LLC

Vacation Visits

20-30 minute visit in your home

Up to 4 Pets,  $20 per visit

(If visit requires longer than 30 mins, new rate will be discussed.)

More than 4 Pets,  rate will be determined based on length of visit required.

Vacation Visits include:

  • ​feeding and fresh water
  • play time and exercise             
  • potty break                                
  • companionship and attention             
  • medications administered per instruction
  • litter boxes scooped
  • ​mail, newspaper, packages brought inside

Rates are a Flat Fee - we do Not charge per pet, up to 4 pets

Potty Breaks

​15 minute potty break

$15 per visit